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Organic CBD oils

Change comes in drops

Get into balance with hemp essences, which we have been producing for you from 100% organic ingredients for over 13 years.

CBDium Therapy

Essential treatments

Make it easier for you to choose the right essence with CBDium Therapy treatments, which we have blended to suit the most common cases of our customers. The treatments will help you maintain regular use and, moreover, to save money.

CBDium SKIN line

Medicinal cosmetics

Enhance the external effects of the oils. Hemp CBD extract in a high-quality ointment base is absorbed and acts directly on the problematic area of the skin, muscles, tendons, joints and bones.

CBDium VET line

Oils for animal use

Give your pet relief from discomfort in a natural way. Animals tend to respond to CBD even more effectively than humans, which is why CBD supplements have become a common part of modern veterinary treatment.

Experiences with CBDium

Your stories

Get inspired by the stories of people like you, who have been helped by CBDium to make a difference in different areas of their lives.

Our journey

Get to know CBDium

Read about our mission and vision, who is behind the project, where our raw materials come from and what production process they go through in order to provide you with premium quality.

An extract driven to perfection

Our essences are fully organic, certified, vegan and free from other additives. Hemp Extract is obtained only from hemp flowers, which are the richest in active ingredients. After that, we laboriously purify the extract from undesirable substances by using our own patented method.

Quick relief for urgent conditions, easing symptoms of severe chronic diseases and in terminal stages


10 ml

For acute and moderate chronic illnesses, mental health issues, and those with a hectic lifestyle


10 ml

Essential support, immunity, and recovery for adults and children over 15, post 1000 fullspectrum usage


10 ml

For children aged 3-14 struggling with acute, chronic, or mental health conditions, or needing support during tough times


3 x 10 ml
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MUDr. Jan Vojáček x Mgr. Maroš Vago
Videos on YouTube

Conversation about health and CBD

Listen to the interview with our director, psychologist and Maroš Vago and functional physician MUDr. Jan Vojáček. You will find out what is the view of functional medicine and psychology on the overall health of people and what role our essences can play in it.

CBD is gaining increasing popularity due to its positive effects on various systems in the body. It’s not a cure-all, but its effects are broad-spectrum – read on to learn how CBDium actually works in the body.
Improved sleep quality is the most common positive effect customers experience when using our essences. Read about how CBDium supports healthy sleep and why you should incorporate it into your sleep routine.

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