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Our work

Why choose CBDium

What makes our essences special? The following lines will introduce you to the values and philosophy that we apply throughout the entire production process, from growing the hemp to bottling the finished essence, to communicating with our customers and spreading awareness.

Origin of the essences

Our hemp is organically grown

Our priority is to deliver a high-quality product without shortcuts and compromises. That is why we grow hemp in healthy soils in the foothills of the Carpathians, in Provence and Slovenia. Our essences include organic pumpkin seed oil, which comes from a family-owned company from Austria, and organic grape seed oil from an honest Czech supplier.

The result is a living hemp essence with a wide spectrum of active ingredients. We consider that isolate essences that contain only CBD are ineffective, as they are depleted of other important substances.

Verified by experts

We collaborate with doctors and veterinarians

We spread awareness in medical circles through lectures and discussions with doctors and veterinarians. We cooperate directly with the Medante Clinic in Bratislava, the Anima Veterinary Clinic in Prague, as well as with other specialists who administer CBDium to their patients.

In our cooperation with doctors and veterinarians, we rely on hundreds of up-to-date scientific studies.

Certified products

We meet strict standards

Our essences have pan-European certifications, as well as the highest HACCP hygiene certification. We are also in the process of conducting our own clinical study and in the final stage of rigorous TÜV SÜD certification. Of course, every batch of our essences is tested.

We create pure and honest products for you that meet strict European criteria, but at the same time retain the soul of the plant.

Thorough purification

We purify the extract using our own patented method

The hemp plant is distinctive in that it absorbs carcinogenic PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) from the soil and air. It also contains undesirable waxes, which make up almost 50% of the extract and inhibit the absorption of active substances.

Therefore, in 2016, we developed and patented our own extract purification technology, which was ahead of its time and brought us foreign recognition.

Recyclable packaging

We use sustainable and safe packaging

We fill the finished essences into small bottles made of ultra-light pharmaceutical plastic, which is recyclable. Such packaging is the best way to protect our living essence from oxidation and degradation.

The small bottles can be safely handled even by children or people with motor difficulties.

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