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CBDium Sleep

The Sleep Therapy is a triple pack of 2 x CBDium 1000 pure and 1 x CBDium 1000 fullspectrum. CBDium dual oil essences are made from organic pumpkin seed oil and organic hemp extract.


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3 x 10 ml
The treatment includes:

1 x 1000 fullspectrum
2 x 1000 pure

CBDium 1000 pure


CBD per drop 4,00 mg
CBD per bottle 1000 mg


CBDium 1000 fullspectrum


CBD per drop 4,00 mg
CBD per bottle 1000 mg
THC per bottle < 2,00 mg

Product Description

The Sleep Therapy has been blended for people troubled by insomnia, restless mind before sleep, shallow sleep, or Restless Legs Syndrome.

Choose this product if:

  • you suffer from acute or chronic insomnia
  • you struggle to fall asleep due to constantly wandering thoughts
  • you often wake up easily at night and toss and turn frequently
  • you experience uncomfortable sensations in your legs and the need to move them while falling asleep
  • you wake up feeling tired and lack energy during the day

The purpose of this Therapy is to bring your body and mind into homeostasis (balance), relax them before sleep, and provide the missing energy during the day. Improved sleep quality is the most common positive effect our customers experience when using our essences.


In the morning (5 drops) and at noon (5 drops), use CBDium 1000 fullspectrum. In the evening, just before going to bed, use 7 drops of CBDium 1000 pure. Once you run out of 1000 fullspectrum, switch to a regimen of using 10 drops of CBDium 1000 pure each evening before bedtime.

If your condition worsens or you face acute issues, you may temporarily increase your daily intake by about 5 drops, but do not exceed 30 drops daily. In case of serious health conditions, please consult your physician before use.

We recommend using CBDium for 6 months, followed by a 21-day break. After the break, we recommend using it for another 3 to 6 months to maximize its benefits.

Administration Method

  1. Place the essence drops under your tongue.
  2. Keep it under your tongue for 2 minutes. During this time, we recommend indulging in a simple breathing exercise (4-second inhale through the nose, 8-second exhale through the nose). This exercise helps you connect with your body and observe the processes in your mind.
  3. Swallow the essence without drinking anything immediately afterward.
  4. If possible, eat something about 5 minutes after using 1000 fullspectrum during the day to help with the absorption of CBD.


The time it takes to experience the effects varies from person to person. Typically, initial effects are noticed within 3 weeks of regular recommended use.

No additives

Next Step

As your essence begins to run low, assess your progress and decide your next step:

improved condition

Essential support, immunity, and recovery for adults and children over 15, post 1000 pure usage

10 ml
worsened condition

Quick relief for urgent conditions, easing symptoms of severe chronic diseases and in terminal stages

10 ml
Stagnant condition

If the condition stagnates, continue using product and increase the daily dose by 5 drops.

Experiences with CBDium

Your stories

Get inspired by the stories of people like you, who have been helped by CBDium to make a difference in different areas of their lives.

Mental Health

“My anxiety disorder consists in panic disorder and agoraphobia. Not only does CBDium show promising results, but I can definitely confirm as a patient that it has been very effective in my fight. Tension, fear and panic attacks are no longer on a daily basis but they have gone to the back burner thanks to CBD and I am learning to live again, not just survive. CBDium has been a huge help to me and other people with panic disorder. Thanks to it, I’m getting out of the vicious cycle of black thoughts and I can move forward in the fight against mental illness.”



“I tried CBDium because of severe menstrual pain and heavy bleeding after my second birth. Before that, I had tried everything else. I even underwent surgery. Nothing helped. I started taking CBDium 1000 fullspectrum and it helped me a lot, it changed my life. My acne has also improved and I have noticed that my psyche is much better too. I have been calmer in raising my children and better at managing my responsibilities. Thank you.”


Chronic Diseases

“We have been taking CBDium in our family for three years. The first was my father, who was diabetic. He injected himself with insulin, 62 units in the morning and 60 in the evening. After three months of use, his insulin dose was reduced to 18 units in the morning and 18 in the evening. I have a tumour in my spine and my pain has been minimised after half a year of use. Mum takes 1000 fullspectrum to sleep and finally gets a full night’s sleep. A friend of mine, who has Parkinson’s disease, has improved her hand tremors thanks to CBDium.”

Experiences with CBDium

Your stories

Get inspired by the stories of people like you, who have been helped by CBDium to make a difference in different areas of their lives.

Need further help?

For guidance on choosing the right product or tailoring the dosage to a specific condition, Write to us at [email protected] or call us at +43 664 5441609.