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How does it help?
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CBD molecule

We believe that only the organically grown hemp is the right base for CBD oils. Your satisfaction and wellness are important to us

Made from 100% organically-grown ingredients in certified laboratory conditions.

How CBDium works

CBD supports <blur>the ph<bold>ysical and mental ba</bold>lance</blur> of the body leading to overall wellbeing.

Helps relieve <blur>p<bold>ai</bold>n</blur>

Reduces <blur>anxiety, de<bold>pression, mental and ce</bold>llular</blur> stress

Protects the <blur>cent<bold>ral nervous sy</bold>stem</blur>

Supports <blur>blo<bold>od circu</bold>lation</blur>

Relieves symptoms of <blur>neurolo<bold>gical disorders and rela</bold>ted behavior</blur>

<blur>Eve<bold>ry hum</bold>an</blur> is born with natural <blur>endo<bold>cannabin</bold>oid</blur> system that helps to keep internal processes stable

Your balanced cell
CBD molecule

Stress tends to <blur>cre<bold>ate inflamm</bold>ation</blur> in human body

Now, natural level of <blur>your en<bold>docannabinoids beco</bold>mes low</blur> as a result of stress, leading to disharmony in your body

The CBD <blur>supp<bold>lies lacking cannab</bold>inoids</blur> and mobilizes endocannabinoid system preventing its harms and helping to restore equilibrium

<blur>The bala<bold>nce of human orga</bold>nism</blur> is restored after absorbing the recommended dosage

<blur>You w<bold>ill soon experie</bold>nce</blur> revitalized health, vibrancy, passion and aliveness CBD is a completely non-psychotropic compound <blur>foun<bold>d in the Hemp p</bold>lants</blur>
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Extract produced exclusively from officially approved and cultivated varieties of hemp.

The ingredients are exclusively of plant origin and from plants grown in organic and natural conditions (not in a greenhouse under artificial lighting).

Product manufactured under controlled laboratory conditions.

CBD without carcinogens

Does not contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon PAH

CBD without waxes

Does not contain wax preventing effective absorption

CBD from a certified laboratory

Developed in certified laboratory conditions