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Organic hemp in every drop. CBDium is a high-quality form of CBD oil that works perfectly on the endocannabinoid system.

Our path to the power of nature
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Strength lies in balance

No stress and good health. Our mission is to mediate the path to deep well-being, combined with the power of nature. We determine the direction that leads to balance and fairness. Thanks to this approach, we are able to grow organic hemp with understanding, to educate, and to bring the highest tested quality closer to you.

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One world, our community

To live in symbiosis means to care for those who care for us. Like humans, dogs, cats and all other mammals deserve to stay healthy. CBDium VET also relieves our pets of pain and difficulty.

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About CBDium company

„My vision in the CBDium project is to bring a new perspective on healing processes in the body in terms of psychosomatics, synergistic support of internal systems and cellular communication. My professional experience and the stories of our long-standing customers reassure me every day that the body has an extraordinary self-healing capacity and a very underestimated intelligence."

— Maroš Vago, CEO CBDium

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Driven to perfection

Honestly employed wax extraction technologies absolutely guarantee the elimination of possible side effects. Pharmaceutically tested ultra light plastic meets all consumer requirements and at the same time protects the value of CBDium extract.

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We are in this together

  • I would like to thank you for the CBD products, which I have started taking due to major migraines and general mental fatigue. After a week of use, my migraines literally disappeared and my mental health improved. A big thank you, once again, for this miracle!

    — Dominika

  • Thank you very much for this perfect project of yours. It is probably ahead of the times and I truly believe that it can change the quality of life of many people. I really appreciate the work carried out by the entire team and I am proud to see such young and super-capable people working at the world-class level. Just stay authentic, trustworthy and yet humble!

    — Bohdana

  • You wrote that I shouldn’t expect miracles, but I guess small ones do occasionally happen. After a few days I started to feel more “at ease”, more balanced, level-headed and I was content with myself. I really appreciate that you didn’t ignore me but actually took the time to deal with my situation individually.

    — Magdalena

  • I have been taking CBDium for quite some time now and I must say that it helps me a lot. My sleep has improved, I am no longer waking up in the middle of the night. When I go to bed, my mind gets calmer than it was before I started taking CBDium, and I generally feel less pressure and stress when dealing with stressful situations. Thank you for the improved sleep quality.

    — Katarina

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Austria Bio Garantie certificate

Austria Bio Garantie GmbH guarantees the highest-quality pumpkin essence on the European market.

BrightLabs certificate

BrightLabs, one of the highest-quality laboratories in the world, analysed our CBDium 1000 Fullspectrum and CBDium 500 Fullspectrum products.

EKO certificate

EKO agriculture certificate evaluates the suitability of organic soil for the cultivation of industrial hemp.

Experientia certificate

Experientia, one of the top laboratories in the world, provided us with a detailed analysis of our products.

Naturalis certificate

The Naturalis certificate proves that the cultivated hemp extract is of fine quality.

HACCP certification

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. The certification provides a hazard analysis and control of critical control points at all stages of food preparation, processing, manufacturing, packaging, storage, transport, distribution, treatment, and sale.