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4. May 2022

CBDium Therapy: Introducing 5 special CBD treatment packages

After 15 years of working with phytocannabinoids, we know exactly which CBD oils are most suitable for your personal difficulties and circumstances in which you come to us. Whether it’s about potency, adequacy of type, or duration of active use. To make your journey to body harmony as easy as possible, we have created special treatments for you – CBDium Therapy triplets, which you can now purchase in our store.

How to Choose the Right CBDium Therapy Treatment?

To make your selection easier, in this blog, we will introduce each of the CBDium Therapy packages in more detail and acquaint you with the individual combinations.

CBDium Therapy Packages

For insomnia, the Sleep treatment will serve, severe conditions and diseases will be relieved by the Urgent or Urgent for children treatments, and the Immunity treatment will take care of prevention. And the Mental Health treatment serves not only for mental well-being but also as a universal package for those who want to start using phytocannabinoids with higher potency.

By purchasing these packages, you will not only save money compared to the price of individual products, but you will also lay the ideal foundations for restoring harmony in your body.

CBDium Therapy: Urgent

Urgent is a treatment developed for people with severe acute or chronic illness, or for people who find themselves in demanding life situations. Supporting balance in the body is extremely important for patients – phytocannabinoids serve as a great natural supplement to conventional treatment. Urgent is also recommended for pain, inflammatory diseases, and menstrual difficulties.

We start with our highest potency, the CBDium 1500 fullspectrum oil, which is tasked with effectively and quickly waking up the exhausted endocannabinoid system.

CBDium Therapy: Urgent for Children

Urgent for Children has been created for children aged 3-14 with acute, chronic, or mental illness, or to support during a challenging period. (For urgent cases aged 15 to 18 years, we recommend the Immunity treatment.) The Urgent treatment for children contains potencies of 500 fullspectrum and 2 x 300 fullspectrum. Start with the 500 fullspectrum potency and after that continue with the 300 fullspectrum essences.

CBDium Therapy: Immunity

We have mixed the Immunity treatment for people whose goal is to strengthen the resilience and well-being of their relatively healthy body. The package contains one bottle of CBDium 1000 fullspectrum and two bottles of CBDium 500 fullspectrum. The balanced amount of phytocannabinoids, minerals, and vitamins contained in these CBD oils is ideal for regular prevention, strengthening immunity, and also coping better with the challenges of everyday life.

CBDium Therapy: Mental Health

Mental Health is a package specially designed for people with a hectic lifestyle. If you suffer from frequent fatigue, stress, distractibility, anxiety, or have been diagnosed with a mental illness such as panic attacks, depression, epilepsy, or ADHD, this potency will best meet your needs. The treatment consists of three bottles of CBDium 1000 fullspectrum, which will make it easier for your psyche to achieve the necessary relaxation, thoughtfulness, and optimistic “boost”.

CBDium Therapy: Sleep

For those troubled by insomnia, restless mind before sleep, shallow sleep, or frequent waking during the night, we have prepared the Sleep treatment. This CBD treatment consists of a pack of CBDium 1000 fullspectrum and two packs of CBDium 1000 pure. CBDium pure essences do not contain the stimulating phytocannabinoid THC. Therefore, they are ideal for calming the body and mind in the evening or at night before sleep.

How does CBD work?

In a healthy body, a healthy endocannabinoid system! This system regulates the activity of other organ systems and systems in the body of every mammal. However, due to stress, this “manager” is significantly weakened in the vast majority of people. It is therefore advisable to support its activity by taking phytocannabinoids, beneficial extracts from hemp. This includes up to 144 species of phytocannabinoids, including CBD.

Phytocannabinoids strengthen the endocannabinoid system, which can then better balance the work of the entire team of organs: nervous, immune, hormonal, respiratory… The result is balance in the body, known as homeostasis, when organs work in harmony. Starting the endocannabinoid system takes an average of 3 weeks, but this time may vary for each person.

CBDium is a high-quality dual oil essence of organic pumpkin seed oil and certified organic hemp. Our CBD drops contain a wide range of phytocannabinoids such as cannabidiol, CBG, and in some cases THC. It is CBG and THC that enhance the effects of other beneficial substances – flavonoids, terpenes, minerals, vitamins, and chlorophyll.

For more verified information about CBD, we recommend reading more articles on our blog.

Need help?

During the duration of the treatments, we recommend carefully observing the effects of each CBD drop on your body. And if you have any questions, doubts, or thoughts you would like to share with us, write to us at [email protected]. We will be happy to advise you and help you choose the right treatment for you.


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