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Choosing a product

Getting started with CBD

Are you looking for CBDium for an adult, a child, an animal or for skin problems? We will guide you through some quick steps so that you can choose the most suitable essence for you.

CBDium for children

Step 01: Select the intensity

For children under the age of 14, choose from the three available concentrations: 300, 500 or 1000. These numbers indicate the number of milligrams of CBD found in each bottle. The intensity is also shown by the marbles – the more coloured, the more concentrated the essence.

Step 02: Select the THC content

For concentrations 1000, 500 and 300, choose between two variants – fullspectrum or pure. Fullspectrum essences contain the permitted level of THC, while pure essences contain no THC.


Fullspectrum essences contain the legally permitted quantity of THC. THC enhances the effect of CBD and other phytocannabinoids.

Therefore, we recommend fullspectrum essences for the majority of children who are not subject to the restrictions regarding the use of pure essences.


The pure essences do not contain THC. Use them in case of:

– sleep difficulties

– use of antipsychotics

– chronic high blood pressure

– drug addiction

– being subjected to highly sensitive THC testing

Step 03: Select the oil base

CBDium is a dual essence. In addition to hemp extract, it contains an oil base that enhances the effect of the extract. If you have chosen 500 fullspectrum or 1000 fullspectrum essence, you can choose from two oil bases: pumpkin seed oil or grape seed oil.*

*The 300 essence and all pure essences are currently available only with pumpkin seed oil.

Pumpkin seed oil

It has a characteristic nutty taste, a darker green-brown colour and a higher density. Its composition makes it the ideal oil base for our extracts.

Choose pumpkin seed oil if the child is neither sensitive to its strong taste nor allergic to pumpkin seed oil.

Grape seed oil

It has a fresh fruity taste, a light yellow colour and a thinner consistency. Grape essences are a gentler alternative to our traditional pumpkin essences.

Choose grape seed oil if the child is sensitive to the strong taste of pumpkin seed oil or allergic to it.

Step 04: Select a treatment

In case of and emergency, choose the Urgent for Children Therapy, which will provide your child with support in a stressful situation. This three-pack will also help you save money.

For children aged 3-14 struggling with acute, chronic, or mental health conditions, or needing support during tough times

Step 05: Purchase the essence in the store