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We believe in creating CBD products of the finest quality

Our CBD products are source from the premium organic farms across Europe.

Our products are locally grown under the Carpathian Mountains, processed in Germany and Czech Republic and eventually finalized in Austria. We are committed to produce only the purest CBD oils, that is why we use only two ingredients in our CBDium: a naturally rich hemp essence and a base of unprocessed natural bio pumpkin oil. We use the natural non-damaging process of CO2 extraction and at the same time, we never use isolates and chemicals, and we rely on minimal processing to keep our CBDium as natural as possible. Our products are made only of organically grown hemp plants, grown in the sun of Central and Southern Europe.

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Our CBD is purified from waxes and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon and other undesirable elements, such as containing carcinogens. The hemp plants naturally cleans polluted air in their environment. As a result we also remove from the extract polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons – PAHs, which are dangerous to the cells in the body and are carcinogenic. These are the necessary steps that we apply 100% in the laboratory to increase the quality and absorbability of our product. Our CBDium is gluten free. Lactose free. No extra sugar. 100% vegan. GMO-free. No preservatives.

Important fact is that we fill CBDium in a bottle of a special ultralight pharmaceutical plastic. In other words, such a packaging makes it possible to dose, process and store easily and safely. By using the pharmaceutical top quality of the bottles, we protect the quality of the product itself, your health. Therefore we also protect nature, because it is a recyclable plastic and easy to dose for humans and animals.

Our promise

We deliver natural remedy. Therefore we believe that only the organically grown hemp is the right base for CBD oils. Your satisfaction and wellness are important to us. We know that CBD can affect each person differently, that’s why we provide our weekly “call window” for you to get all the information you need straight from our associates.