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Mental Health

Mental Health

191,58  Save 19,70€ 10 ml × 3
3 × 1000 Fullspectrum
3 × 1000 Fullspectrum
191,58  10 ml × 3
3 × 1000 Fullspectrum
3 × 1000 Fullspectrum
  • Mental Health Therapy has been blended for people with hectic lifestyles, symptoms of stress, fatigue, or with diagnosed mental or neurological disorders.

    Choose this product if:
    – you feel chronically exhausted, stressed, have anxiety or panic attacks
    – you have frequent headaches
    – you are often distracted, have difficulty concentrating, have a hyperactive mind
    – your career or activities are highly physically or mentally challenging
    – you have been diagnosed with a mental or neurological disorder – e.g., depression, eating disorders, epilepsy, ADHD…

    The purpose of this Therapy is to help your body achieve a balanced state of homeostasis, provide your mind with essential relaxation, offer a fresh perspective, infuse an optimistic uplift, and enhance your daily and professional performance.

    Fullspectrum or pure?
    If you are using antipsychotic medications, suffer from chronic hypertension, drug addiction, or if you are breastfeeding or pregnant, instead choose CBDium 1000 pure, which does not contain THC.

    The recommended dose is 15 drops per day, administered ideally in three separate doses of 5 drops each. The daily dose can be divided into two if necessary. Following this guideline, one bottle should last between 3 to 4 weeks.

    If your condition worsens or you face acute issues, you may temporarily increase your daily intake by about 5 drops, but do not exceed 30 drops daily. In case of serious health conditions, please consult your physician before use.

    CBDium 1000 fullspectrum
    4.00 mg CBD per drop
    1000 mg CBD per bottle
    < 2.00 mg THC per bottle

    Administration Method
    1. Place the essence drops under your tongue.
    2. Keep it under your tongue for 2 minutes. During this time, we recommend indulging in a simple breathing exercise (4-second inhale through the nose, 8-second exhale through the nose). This exercise helps you connect with your body and observe the processes in your mind.
    3. Swallow the essence without drinking anything immediately afterward.
    4. If possible, eat something about 5 minutes after swallowing to help with the absorption of CBD.

    The time it takes to experience the effects varies from person to person. Typically, initial effects are noticed within 3 weeks of regular recommended use.

    Need further help?
    For guidance on choosing the right product or tailoring the dosage to a specific condition, contact us at

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