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First CBD effects: How to find out if CBD has already taken effect?

January 26, 2022

Although CBD is great for prevention, most users decide to give it a go, when they are already experiencing difficulties and discomfort. Maybe you also started taking this natural supplement with certain expectations. It’s absolutely natural! The effects of CBD are a widely discussed topic and we you, you are sincerely looking forward to when, when it finally takes effect. 

Therefore, right from the top we consider it necessary to mention the following 2 things:

  1. It is more than likely that you will not feel the effects of CBD right after the first use.
  2. But CBD works even when you are unaware of it or when it does not exactly match your expectations.

We know this may sound strange, at least as far as advertising is being considered, where we are often promised almost instant results without any effort.  So how do we know if CBD is already working for you? You can find a few tips here CBDium.

CBD oleje a ich účinky

When will CBD take effect? 

CBD is a plant cannabinoid that initiates the self-healing processes in the body. Its use supports the functions of the human endocannabinoid system, which maintains balance in the body (homoeostasis), harmony between the individual systems of the body (especially the nervous, hormonal, lymphatic, endocrine, immune, cellular, digestive, excretory, respiratory, muscular and skeletal). All the positive effects that we perceive come as a natural result of this harmony – a better working, well balanced organism.

If you’ve already done some research on the topic of CBD, this information is nothing new to you. When you start taking CBD the body’s natural healing processes start almost immediately. However, when it comes to the first external effects, these can take a while: from our experience we know that it takes from a few days to 3 weeks.

CBDium is a 100 % natural extract, which means that you cannot expect any feasible effects after a couple occasional applications. Consistency, regularity and other lifestyle changes including sensitivity to your body are also very important.

Tip: How to find out if the CBD is working

We believe that it is very important to realize that our body is a complex and extremely intelligent mechanism (cell exchange takes place at a rate of about 100 000 per second). CBD in the body is a tool that helps it function more efficiently. The effects begin gradually and require closer observation, behaviour or overall health.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should constantly examine how you feel. Let the CBD therapy run its course. At regular intervals, e.g. once per week, try to reflect on the various aspects of your lifestyle and try to honestly answer the following question: “How much better do I feel in this area of my life than last week?”

Our list of most common effects, which show that the CDB therapy is working, can help you asses these regular “check-ups”.

CBD oleje vysokej kvality

1. Better sleep and easier waking up

If you already sleep enough (7 – 8 hours), then better sleep is one of the first clearly observable effects of the CBD therapy. However, even in this case, it is only a natural effect of the harmonization of the body’s internal systems. The results from the CBD can also be enhanced by at least 2 hours of sleep before midnight.

In many cases the therapy makes waking up easier. CBD can shorten two or three hours of slow waking into just a couple of minutes. Our customers often describe this effect as a faster-onset of a feeling of freshness or the ability to start a new day almost immediately.

CBDium customers:

I had sent her a CBDium 500 and the nurses said that her sleep pattern has improved and she is finally sleeping through the night, which has been a big problem until now. (Mrs. Ondrášková about her aunt, a cancer patient)

My sleep has improved, I am no longer waking up in the middle of the night. When I go to bed, my head no longer works as it did before taking CBDium. (Katarina)

And I haven’t even touched on my night’s sleep – I have turned into a true Sleeping Beauty! (Timea)

2. Relief of menstrual pain

The balance of the body’s systems tends to be reflected in an easier menstrual cycle. It is especially noticeable in a relief from cramps and alleviation of emotional swings.

CBDium customers:

My menstrual cycle has improved, including the PMS and mood swings. I have always had terrible cramps and pains that almost made me faint, now I hardly know that I am menstruating at all. (Marcela)

One side effect that I did not expect or address was the alleviation of menstrual pains. I never suffered from them in a great way, but when I didn’t even notice them on the first day (after using the therapy for 2 months) that was a real gamechanger for me. (Valeria)

3. Change in appetite

When the body reaches a balance – homoeostasis, it tries to reach its ideal proportions, for which it was designed. This is reflected in a change of appetite, which can increase or decrease, depending on whether the body is in a caloric deficit or, on the other hand, in a caloric surplus.

In this case it is especially important to trust your body’s intelligence and tackle the ideas about what your body should look like. The most beautiful body is healthy one.

4. Inner peace

 Focus, prudence, being less forgetfulness, having the ability to schedule tasks so that you don’t feel under constant pressure. The body entering homoeostasis becomes more resilient to stress and tense situations. Nervousness and distraction slowly change into a form of inner peace that one can immerse themselves into at any time – regardless of external influences.

CBDium customers:

The initial states of mind after about a week of usage were indescribable. I felt joy and a sense of calm, to the point that I burst into tears just because I felt alive. (Timea, a patient with a panic disorder)

After a few days I started to feel more “at ease”, more balanced, level-headed and I was content with myself. (Magdalena)

I see the most significant effect of using CBD in managing stressful situations. I am happy to have a product that can ease the nervous tension in my hectic lifestyle. (Michelle)

5. Reactions of friends and family

It is not always easy to see the effects of a CBD therapy. It might even happen that your friends and family notice these changes before you do. For example, a clear look and sclera are the first things people notice (various branches of alternative medicine consider the eyes and tongue to be indicators of good health). Your speech becomes gradually concise and more confident, without too much filler and long hesitation.

Your inner peace will undoubtedly be reflected in your relationships as well. Maybe your friends and family have already told you that they find somewhat happier, more focused, well balanced, etc. Although these effects cannot be demonstrably attributed solely to the usage of CBD, the reactions of your friends and family can also indicate that your body and mind are becoming more balanced.

The effects of CBD are individual

We believe that this blog will help you notice the first beneficial effects of CBD. However, if you have not found your effects in these sentences, it does not necessarily mean that CBDium is not beneficial for you. Give your body time, adjust your dosage, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, if you have specific questions via and try to continue using CBDium without concrete expectations. 

Do not forget to use it regularly and refill your stock of organic CBD oils CBDium Fullspectrum (with THC) and CBDium Pure (without THC) before you run out. 

Each organism reacts to CDB in a very specific manner, be it healthier skin, alleviating or eliminating inflammation and pain, or even alleviating some symptoms of chronic diseases. Each body is specific and evaluates its effects in its own way. For starters, its just enough to trust in your body’s intelligence. 🙂

Your CBDium team